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About Destin Housekeeping Services, LLC

MRS DEBRA opened Destin Housekeeping Services thousands of departure cleans ago (2008).  She and her family moved to Destin, Florida after closing her Bath and Floor remodeling business (DLT-Tile and Home Services) after 15 years.  MRS DEBRA has spent a lifetime organizing, remodeling, creating cleanliness and order where-ever she goes. She is particular in the procedures used to display her visions.


​​​​Why Mrs Debra started this business?

Our Slogan is “Particular Fussiness” and our Motto is "Just Start Right and Stay Right" it comes from years of dissecting the problems that arise in vacation homes and rentals. MRS DEBRA has spent countless hours thoroughly thinking through many particular issues, all related to the setup of vacation rentals, cleaning procedures, cleaning products, guest happiness and the continued maintenance of a vacation rental. All this experience and effort has allowed us to provide long favorable result to our customers and properties.

What do I need to furnish my vacation rental?

What linens do I need for my vacation rental?

Should guest strip bed linens?

What is a Basic Departure Clean?

​What type of kitchen utensils do I need?​

All the answers to the questions that many absentee owners seek about vacation rentals is right here within this website.  Our ebooks are packed full of what it really takes to produce a successful vacation rental year after year.  On the ground advice and experience is being provided to assist owners in a stress free vacation rental.

What is Particular Fussiness?

There was and still is a need for experienced project managers with a kin eye for details who could specialize in housekeeping management services for vacation homes and rentals. Provide favorable support to absentee owners who were and are booking their own vacation rental properties. Those owners who did not want to be a part of a bed and bath linen pool.  Debra brought years of detailed organizational skills along with years of construction property management experience. Her particular fussiness for housekeeping, maintenance and repairs is exactly what the owners needed and still need.

What does this website have to offer?