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Collection of units used dirty bed and bath linens.
Bag up used bed and bath linens.
Transport bags of linens to laundry services.
Wash/Dry/Fold linens.
Pickup and transport to warehouse for storage.
Unpack bags inspect linens for damages.
Inventory linens.
Sort and place in owner’s storage containers.
Bag up bed and bath linens for today’s schedule departure clean.
Transport to unit for departure clean.

Carry into unit backup linen bags.

​Distribute clean linens through-out vacation rental unit.

Semi Deep Clean

What does Destin Housekeeping Services Basic Departure Clean consist of:

​Here, at Destin Housekeeping Services we offer services that restore and retain the quality and tranquility of an owner's investment property. Offering consulting services to new owners who are new to the vacation rental business including owners of multiple poor reviews.  We offer several types of cleaning services such as restoration deep cleans and semi deep cleans  along with our Basic Departure Clean services for short-term vacation rentals.  Destin Housekeeping Services, llc has wrote the policies and procedures on cleaning and maintaining vacation rentals.  We believe renting out your investment property should be stress free.  Our professional experience and dependable services can offer an absentee owner much needed peace of mind. 

Private Residential Cleaning Services

Basic Departure Cleaning Services Vacation Rentals

Initial Setups of vacation rentals normally always require a deep clean.  Deeps cleans include a long list of setup procedures, equipment placement, along with linen inventory.  

Deep Clean

Restoration Deep Clean

   This type of clean is provided when a vacation home or rental has not been care for, season after season.  Mrs Debra wrote the policies and procedures for a Restoration Deep Clean.  It simply means, to restore by cleaning the property and its contents back to its best possible state. Restoring through detail cleaning, dry polishing, decluttering and organizing the entire unit from ceiling to floor.  

Our semi deep clean is a service that we provide to our existing customers.  After we preform a deep clean or restoration deep clean, we are contracted to maintain that standard of cleanliness, through-out the year.  We accomplish this by providing our regular scheduled Basic Departure Clean Services.  

Images of successful vacation rentals setup, clean and maintenance 

by Destin Housekeeping Services, LLC

  We offer Deep Clean Services only to local non-occupied residential homes and condos.  There is a two week notice required for residential Deep Clean Services.  This type of service is also called a move-in or move-out clean.  Most foreclosure homes require a Restoration Deep Clean without contents.  Destin Housekeeping Services does not offer a regular weekly, by-weekly or monthly cleaning service to occupied residential homes or condos.  We specialize in Deep Cleans and housekeeping management services for vacation homes and rentals.

Clean Cleaner Services

   Basic Departure Cleans are quoted based on your properties total interior square footage, the number of beds per room plus linen laundry services.  You can request a quote here.  We have two fee structures one is for owners who books their unit on a Saturday to Saturday seven night rental during peak season (June - September).  Our second fee structure is for owners who book their units for less than seven nights during June and July. 

   Mrs Debra does not recommend booking your unit strictly on a seven night rental program.  The wear and tear of a continuance 7 night rental in peak season (June and July) compared to an owner who books on a 3 night, 4 night and 5 night rental is astronomical in the comparison of the wear and tear on a vacation rental.

Basic Departure Clean Bed and Bath Linens: