1. ​​Refill Amenity Supply Kit

    1. ​Automatic Dish Powder Box 

    2. Dishwasher Finish Rinse 

    3. Liquid Dish Soap 

    4. Hand Liquid Soap

  2. Soap Amenity Dispensers

    1. Liquid Dish Soap 

    2. Powder Dish Detergent 

    3. ​Liquid Hand Soap Dispensers 

  3. Onsite Property Housekeeping Equipment

    1. O-Cedar Spin Mop

    2. O-Cedar Spin Mop Extra Mop Heads

    3. Vacmaster 4 Gallon, 5 Peak HP 

    4. ​Shop Vacuum Floor Nozzle

  4. Bed and Bath Linen Storage Containers

    1. ​Clear Storage Containers with Lids

  5. Light Bulbs

    1. ​Light Bulbs 40 w - 60 w - 100 w

    2. Tulip Bulbs 

    3. Flood Bulbs

  6. Batteries

    1. ​AAA

    2. AA

    3. 9V

  7. A/C Filters

  8. Step Stool

  9. Straw Broom

  10. Dust Pan

There is a minimum charge of $350.00 for all new initial setups.  The products listed above are the basic of the start of a successful vacation rental.  Without the basic proper setup the vacation rental is sure to create stress and havoc, becoming costly for all.   Mrs Debra has thoroughly thought through the issues and has over 11 years of experience inside 1000’s of units and has performed 10's of thousands of departure cleans.  

How do we get started?

Yes, a minimum charge of $350.00 will be due for any initial vacation rental setup.  This estimate is based on a vacation rental with a max occupancy of six and is a two bedroom, two bath with one queen size sleeper sofa.  

About Destin Housekeeping Services, LLC

  Here, at Destin Housekeeping Services, Llc we believe in learning from our experiences.  We are 100 percent invested in providing our stress-free solutions and services to our customers, which result in raving reviews for absentee owners who book manage their own properties.  Listed below is our Initial Setup Package, this package includes the units required materials, equipment and supplies.  Our company motto is simple "Just Start Right and Stay Right"

Setup Package New Account

  Complete and submit our Request a Quote form here.....  We will start your property file by verifying square footage, floor plan and ownership.  Our quick square footage Basic Departure Clean is estimated here....  Once we have verified your property information we will contact you via email or by phone, attempting to meet and schedule property walk-through with you. 

Is there a minimum charge for new account setups?

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What does the New Account Setup include?